Divine Light Meditation

A meditation to help release energy that does not belong to us, or no longer serves us. Particularly helpful for Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, Earth Angels and Lightworkers.


Earth Angels

Reblogging from my sister site- Emotional Wellness. My thoughts on Earth Angels!

Emotional Wellness

Highly Sensitive readers! Are you an Earth Angel? Earth Angels frequently feel like they don’t belong on Earth, and are very sensitive to energies. Other traits are talked about in the video, as well as types of Earth Angel.

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Bach Flower Remedies: Stabilising Your Mood

Bach Flower Remedies have helped me a lot with stabilising my mood, as a supplement to my regular medication.

You can find out more about Bach Flower Remedies on my sister website, Emotional Wellness, here:


Glenyss Bourne’s artwork can be found here: http://www.anaheart.com/

Doreen Virtue’s website: http://www.angeltherapy.com/

Sensitivity to World Events

Some of us are very sensitive to the energies of messages we hear and see in the media- particularly reports of upsetting events all over the world. Watch the vlog to find out how we can shield ourselves from the negativity and help bring peace to the world. Yes- we can make a difference!


Staying Grounded at Christmas


The energies of the planet are currently very high. If you are highly sensitive to these energies they can throw you off balance very easily.

The energies are high? What does that mean?

Everything is made of energy.

This energy can vibrate at different rates.

Low vibrational energy is associated with more “negative” feelings and thoughts, places, people, creations- music, art, etc.

High vibrational energy is associated with more “positive thoughts, feelings, places and people, creations- music, art.

Then there are the extremes- the highest vibrational energies are those of the realms of the angels and ascended masters, as well as highly evolved planets.

Earth is currently going through strong energetic shifts to raise the vibration of the planets from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is another topic in itself.

For this to happen waves of very high vibrational energy are sent to Earth.


That all sounds a bit weird!

Yeah, I know!

But some of us are extremely sensitive to these energies which can cause us to shift off balance emotionally.

For me this tends to manifest in bipolar disorder symptoms: hypomanic behaviour, feeling high, euphoric, getting loads of ideas, wanting to move faster, talk faster and louder, etc.

In other people it may cause more depressive symptoms, depending on what is going on in your life at the time.

MoonThe phases of the moon can also have a similar effect:

“Speak to police officers or staff in hospital emergency departments, and some will insist there are more accidents, violent incidents and psychiatric admissions when the Moon is full.” BBC Future


High planetary energies + Christmas + Sensitivity = OFF BALANCE

When you throw Christmas and high sensitivity into the mix, with the high planetary energies, you’re looking at even more off balance behaviour and emotions.


So what can we do to get through the crazy energies?

Take care of yourself as your first priority!

Lots of peace, making time to meditate/journal, walk in nature, do yoga, gardening, lots of grounding activities- anything that helps you to feel more peaceful and connected with yourself, schedule tasks with breaks, cut down on what you do/prioritise.

Things to avoid- busy shops (I do most of my Christmas shopping online), busy cities/traffic, eating too much, doing too much without breaks.


Christmas Day/Family Gatherings

I don’t know about you but I find family gatherings the most stressful time in the holidays. I’ve taken to planning time to connect with myself during the day or else I become very ungrounded and am soaking up other people’s energy like a sponge.

Before the event I take time to meditate, ground my roots and clear my energies with Divine white light. To do this, take a look at my guided meditation on my sister sight- Emotional Wellness:

Grounding for Emotional Wellbeing The meditation starts at around 5:35.

In addition, I will make sure I can have time away from other people during the day, particularly outside if the weather is fine- I’ll usually go for a walk alone or with my dog. Or I’ll find a quiet room- even the bathroom will do- to repeat the grounding meditation.

I’ve noticed I need to do this at regular intervals so as not to become ungrounded and headachy.

Your body will usually tell you when it’s time to ground- headaches are my number one sign and can very quickly develop into migraines if I don’t nip them in the bud early!


Don’t help people too much!

I know that sounds really unkind, but if you’re like me, you’re prone to saying yes to helping with everything, or being a counselling ear for a stressed out family member. These things can quickly drain your energy if you’re not grounded and feeling in control of your energy, and you can easily “pick-up” other people’s emotions and stress.

So limit yourself before the gathering- set yourself little rules, for example:

  • I will help with one wash-up/dry-up.
  • I will only help in the kitchen for 30mins.
  • I will only make one round of tea/coffee etc.
  • I will make a chart of who can help me with what.
  • If great aunt Betsy starts moaning, I will tactfully remove myself from her company for a while, clear and ground my energy.

Yes, it is absolutely okay to remove yourself from another person’s energy if you feel drained in their presence! Even if you adore them! Clear and ground and imagine yourself in a ball full of protective energy- intend that any negative energy will not enter that ball.

It is much better to be kind to yourself and only help when you feel willing and able, rather than do it begrudgingly and begin to feel resentment when nobody else helps.


Beautiful-Angel-angels-8025041-1024-768ASK YOUR ANGELS FOR HELP!

Your guides and angels are only too happy to help when we ask them! But we must ask, as they are unable to have any impact on our lives unless with our consent, or in very extreme/rare circumstances.

Dear Guides and Angels of Divine Light,

Thank you for helping me to keep grounded, centered, and peaceful during these busy times. Thank you for helping me to love and take care of myself as my number one priority, so that I am then in the best position to give to others.

And so it is.


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Angelic Reiki

Clouds and SunI’ve just been practicing Angelic Reiki self-healing. I was working with celestite and scolecite too.

I went off into this beautiful meditation where I began by connecting with a healing guide. The healing guide  was one I had encountered before, and was very tall and slender with a bright bluish-white light emanating from their form. They felt powerful, but also gentle.

As we connected, I asked what they would like to tell or show me.

I immediately felt myself being lifted. I felt pulled upwards towards the base of this incredible building. It was similar to a cathedral tower, only so much bigger and made of light not stone. It was bright white, with hues of pink, blue and lilac. It was so beautiful. I felt a grid of energy projected from it- the energy was so high and fine vibration, it was healing me as I stood in it’s presence.

I was continually lifted to the top of the tower- high, high, high up!!!

Then I was in my merkabah light vehicle. It was again of a high, fine vibration, spinning around me, protecting me.

When I exited, I was in another star system, on another planet of higher vibration than earth. Beings similar in appearance to my healing guide came forward, one with a baby/young being. I felt welcomed.

Palm to palm we greeted each other. I felt I had been there before. As we touched it was like I could truly see this soul/being, I could see everything they had been through on their soul journey, the true essence of who they were. It was amazing! It made me realise how trivial appearance is, and that a person truly is their soul, the light inside them.

Our bodies are so temporary. They are wondrous in their capacity to house us on a planet of lower vibration and we are encouraged to show great respect for them. But the worship of superficial beauty on earth is tremendously misplaced.

To see inside another’s soul- that is the true beauty. The eyes are the windows to the soul here on earth. The saying is true.

Communicate and connect with a person from your heart and through the eyes. Make this connection, rather than
with the mind. See what happens!

I was brought back the way I came. It was so magical and beautiful. I am truly blessed to be able to experience such magnificence and to be able to share it with you!

Life Purpose

Leaf & WaterWhen I think of life purpose I think of something which will be fulfilling and spiritually nourishing.

I automatically think in terms of vocation, such as being a nurse, a car mechanic, a computer programmer, etc.

Spiritual Life Purpose

But I’ve been encouraged to see life purpose in more spiritual and energetic terms, and from a wider perspective.

Sometimes life purpose can be about bringing high vibration light and energy to the earth, to help raise consciousness and the ascension process.

Sometimes it can be about teaching others through our behaviour and life experiences. For example- if we don’t choose a conventional 9-5 career, and live our life braving our creativity, and showing the world who we really are, we can teach others about following their heart, and about an alternative way of life.

If we care passionately about the environment, recycle, buy earth-friendly products, reduce wastage, buy organic produce etc, then we are teaching others about how we can be kind to the environment.

I think that your life purpose/s come completely naturally to you, so much so that you don’t even think about it.

WoodlandMy housemate is incredibly environmentally-friendly, and I know it comes completely naturally to her to care so deeply about the environment. She can see absolutely no other alternative in the products she buys. This is wonderful, in that it teaches those around her to care more, and what we can do to help our earth.

This doesn’t come naturally to me at all. As much as I care about animals, I come up with resistance in terms of wanting to buy the cheapest products, or convenient food, rather than walking further to an alternative shop to buy something more earth-friendly. I know this is a human part of me. But I am definitely learning from my housemate. She is living her purpose, or one of them.

Clouds and SunLightwork and Soul Challenges

I know that part of my purpose is to anchor high vibration light energy to the earth. I am a lightworker.

We also have challenges to work through as part of our purpose in incarnating. My main challenge so far has been working with my ultra-sensitiveness! I have found regular jobs very challenging and do not seem to fit in to societal expectations of what a ‘normal’ 35 year old ‘should’ be doing with their life.

I have been through heavy despairing depressions, and seen total darkness. I could have chosen the dark, but I chose the light! I am so proud of myself for that! I feel like I have been immensely strong in spirit. I don’t doubt that I may be challenged again in this way- perhaps (hopefully) to a lesser extent. I believe experiencing this huge polarity in emotion (diagnosed as bipolar) is part of my purpose and to help me advance spiritually. Perhaps I can help others through this too. I am certainly learning to accept and love myself just the way I am!

So even though I may worry (a lot!!) about not having a job, earning an income and my future, I can still see how I am fulfilling my life purpose.

I am also learning to trust God/spirit, in that I will be provided for, and to let go of my worries.

And I am thankful for all God’s help with this!


You Are Enough

In this very moment, you are enough.

Without your possessions, you are enough.

Without your loved ones, you are enough.

Without your car, you are enough.

Without your home, you are enough.

Without your job, you are enough.

Without your education, you are enough.

Without your business, you are enough.

Without your interests and achievements, you are enough.

Be still in peace and know that in this very moment you are more loved than you could possibly imagine and that you will always be enough in the eyes of God, Jesus, and the Angels.

You are so very loved.

Be still, open your heart and know this.

For it is truth.

Be joyous in this love. You are truly worthy. You are enough.